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Subtitle Tools

Part of the fun of watching a lot of foreign-language tv and movie output is finding subtitles to go with the videos. Usually these are supplied at the same time but occasionally there are problems with timing or formats that need to be overcome. With this in mind, I've started work on my online Subtitle Rejiggulator Thing.

The Thing, and How to Use It:

Subtitle File :
Action :
  1. Select a subtitle file to process.
  2. Choose the action you wish to perform.
  3. Enter any extra required details.
  4. Click the 'Process' button to start.
  5. Save the processed file.

You're welcome to try it but this is really for my use only, so don't expect any updates or support - basically I just add to this page when I find something in my subtitle downloads that needs fixing.



Tested on desktop versions of Chrome, IE11, Edge, Safari, Opera and Firefox. Any problems are entirely your own.