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PVP3 'All Games' Cartridge Tweak

The third version of the Play Vision Portable (PVP3) handheld gaming system is a small, cheap handheld similar in form factor to the Sony PSP but without the quality. Any quality. Anywhere. The PSP3 has only one purpose, and that is to put dodgy hacks of old SEGA games into your hands as cheaply as possible.


The PVP3 can be found on eBay for under a tenner (£3 at your local car boot) and is supplied with two "cartridges": '900000 IN 1' and '999666 IN 1'. These don't actually contain any games since those are built into the system, and there are only 150-ish anyway. The cartridges simply dictate which list of games is displayed when you start.

The PVP3 Games Cartridges

Crack open a cartridge and you'll find a simple board that literally just connects a couple of pins to ground. The difference between the two is simply the pins used, nothing more. There are no components and I can only surmise it was done to give the illusion - feel free to laugh - of quality.

pvp3 carts

Examining the boards we can see that there are six pad pairs that could be used. In each of the carts, two of these pairs are shorted, connecting them to ground. Since that's all that is required, it's time to get out the soldering iron.

pvp3 cart wiring

Rather than trying to solder both pads in each pair individually I simply soldered wires across them both, then cut the common ground between each pair. I also skimmed a bit of the coating from ground and added a wire there. Since the carts all have two pad pairs connected, I used same-coloured wires for each of the them.

So now we have:

Testing the Pins

For testing I put the board back into one of the cartridge cases and left the wires free so that I could easily see which wires do what.

pvp3 cart wiring

The results were equal parts predictable and disappointing:

pvp3 cart wiring pvp3 cart wiring
pvp3 cart wiring pvp3 cart wiring

It appears that the leftmost pins on the cartridge card are not required at all - not grounding them has no effect whatsoever. Of the remainder, red and yellow do exactly what we expect, but connecting blue prevents the unit from booting. I had hoped to find another games list or at least a debug menu.

Finishing Off

All that remains now is to remove the blue wiring and add in a 3-position slide switch to allow easy hopping between the banks of games. Just in case the extra red and yellow wires do anything later down the line I'll keep those in as well. Hot glue it all together and we're done. Splendid.

PVP3 Complete Games List

Here are the games on my version of the handheld - other versions may differ. If I have a title wrong... well actually I don't care. Quality Control is not something the creators of the PVP3 give much thought to so I'll be darned if I'm going to do the same.

No Cart Inserted (80 games)

  1. Zuma Bubbles
  2. Angry Birds
  3. Streets of Rage
  4. XMen
  5. Twinkle Tale
  6. Tiny Toon Acme
  7. Ninja Turtles
  8. Strider 2
  9. Smurfs
  10. Raiden Trad
  11. Sonic 3D
  12. Super Skidmarks
  13. Sonic and Knuckles
  14. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  15. Revenge of Shinobi
  16. Tekken Special 3
  17. Ristar
  18. Cannon Fodder
  19. Psycho Pinball
  20. Frustradas do Pica-Pao
  21. Fun Car Rally
  22. Ecco
  23. Dream Team USA
  24. Draxos
  25. Desert Strike
  26. Cosmic Spacehead
  27. Chuck II Sone of Chuck
  28. Man Overboard
  29. El Viento
  30. Mean Bean Machine
  31. Batman Revenge
  32. Ghouls n' Ghosts
  33. Forgotten World
  34. Wrestling Gaiden
  35. Ghostbusters
  36. Dick Tracy
  37. Devil Crash MD
  38. Decap Attack
  39. Darwin 4081
  40. Crack Down
  41. Captain Planet
  42. California Games
  43. Cadash
  44. Woogie Bowling
  45. Bimini Run
  46. Bible Adventure
  47. Battletoads
  48. Battle Mania
  49. Bad Omen
  50. Batman
  51. Atomic Robo Kid
  52. Arch Rivals
  53. Air Buster
  54. DJ Boy
  55. Golden Axe
  56. Grand Slam Tennis
  57. Heavy Unit
  58. Herzog Zwei
  59. Gain Ground
  60. Dino Land
  61. Monopoly
  62. Mario Hockey
  63. Marble Madness
  64. Magic Girl
  65. Burning Force
  66. Faery Tale Adventure
  67. ESWAT
  68. Elemental Master
  69. EA Hockey League
  70. Dark Castle
  71. Cyborg Justice
  72. Pyramid Magic
  73. Shove It
  74. Barbie Super Model
  75. Little Mermaid
  76. Doreamon
  77. Toy Story
  78. Super Mario Brothers
  79. Mortal Combat
  80. Dragon Ball

'999666 IN 1' (39 games)

  1. Sonic Spinball
  2. Gunstar Heroes
  3. Strider
  4. Kid Chameleon
  5. Brian Lara Cricket
  6. Beauty and the Beast
  7. B.O.B.
  8. Shinobi 3
  9. Dragon's Revenge
  10. Simpsons
  11. Chakan Forever
  12. Addams Family
  13. Zool
  14. Toys
  15. Sword of Vermilion
  16. Sonic the Hedgehog
  17. Wani Wani World
  18. Golden Axe 2
  19. Double Dragon 2
  20. Ju Ju Densetsu
  21. Spider Man
  22. Dynamite Duke
  23. Arrow Flash
  24. Kujaku Ou 2
  25. Battlemaster
  26. Bonanza Brothers
  27. Cross Fire
  28. Altered Beast
  29. Phelios
  30. Fatman
  31. Mamono Hunter
  32. Hellfire
  33. Balloon Boy
  34. Super Battletank
  35. Super Battleship
  36. Street Smart
  37. Steel Talons
  38. James Pond
  39. Thunder Force 3

'900000 IN 1' (37 games)

  1. Samurai Showdown
  2. Top Gear 2
  3. Batman Returns
  4. Thunder Fox
  5. Battletoads Double Dragon
  6. The Terminator
  7. Blaster Master 2
  8. Shadow Blasters
  9. Sensible Soccer
  10. Master of Wespons
  11. Taruruuto Kun
  12. M.U.S.H.A.
  13. Lakers vs Celtics
  14. Krusty's Super Funhouse
  15. Junction
  16. James Bond 007
  17. The Desert
  18. Incector X
  19. Spiritual Warfare
  20. Rolo to the Rescue
  21. Fantastic Dizzy
  22. Final Zone
  23. Air Diver
  24. Alex Kidd Enchanted Castle
  25. Championship
  26. Paddle Fighter
  27. Pyramid Magic II
  28. Sonic Eraser
  29. Super Volleyball
  30. Fatal Labyrinth
  31. Exodus
  32. World Cup Soccer
  33. Tetris
  34. Columns
  35. Block Out
  36. Art Alive
  37. Flicky

All of this came about because my brother picked up a PVP3 at Hemswell car boot sale and found it only had one cartridge with it, so he was without the final 37 games listed above.



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