C64 Screenshot Challenge

So you think you know your Commando from your Rambo and can tell your Pitstop from your Pole Position? Take the challenge below and see how you do - it's pretty simple but the rules are at the bottom of the page.

The controls are a little clunky and there are probably some bugs in there, but have at it. Try not to break anything and don't forget to tweet your score once you're done reminiscing.

game image
Your guess?

The Rules

  • Click on the Hint button to reveal a square.
  • Each square costs you a point, but the first square is free.
  • Enter your guess into the 'Title' box - one guess per square.
  • Correctly guess the game to collect the points.
  • Tweet your score once you're done.

Thanks for playing, and don't forget to tweet your score so I can see how you did!



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