Atari 2600 Box Art Quiz

Back in the days when game box art was more important to sales than in-game screenshots, artists would go all out to grab a customer's interest and produce box artwork only tangentially related to the games in question.

See if you can correctly identify the games that these boxes relate to.

Question 1:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q1

This is the cover for...

RealSports Tennis

Question 2:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q2

This is the cover for...

Room of Doom

Question 3:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q3

This is the cover for...

Knight on the Town

Question 4:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q4

This is the cover for...

Dodge 'Em
Indy 500
Night Driver

Question 5:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q5

This is the cover for...

Space War

Question 6:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q6

This is the cover for...

Laser Blast
Missile Command

Question 7:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q7

This is the cover for...


Question 8:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q8

This is the cover for...

Brain Games
Midnight Magic

Question 9:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q9

This is the cover for...

Home Run
Major League Baseball
Super Baseball

Question 10:

Atari Box Art Quiz Q10

This is the cover for...

Space War
Star Raiders
Star Ship

Let's see what you could've won!

Your Score:

ET, should go home
Crazy Climber
Atari Berzerk'r
Pole Position!

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