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B3: bl0ke's ex-bl0g

This used to be a blog but that turned out to be far too much work. Now it's simply a collection of pages with some nifty code, catchy tunes and odd ideas. Some of the pages on here are former blog entries and are dated accordingly, though many will have been updated for the move.

Why I'm Not Running an Ad Blocker

21st September 2015

Web Ads - a drain on resources or a necessary evil? In this post I argue for the latter. Click and read why.

Netflix US DNS

11th July 2014

US DNS codes for Netflix, allowing you to watch US Netflix content outside the US on a variety of devices. Updated whenever I need new codes.

Tracking Outbound Clicks

12th May 2014

A simply JavaScript solution to tracking clicks out of your website. No jQuery required.

Subtitle Tools

25th March 2014

A simple online tool to perform subtitle adjustments. This is a Work in Progress that I'll expand as and when I find stuff in my own collection that needs fixing.

C64 Screenshot Challenge

23rd March 2014

Test your knowledge of C64 game screens with this fun little game based on Catchphrase.

Atari 2600 Box Art Quiz

2nd September 2013

Test your knowledge of (or simply marvel at the irrelvence of) Atari Box Art in this spectacularly underwhelming quiz!

JavaScript Konami Code

29th August 2013

How to create an event that triggers when a user enters the Konami Code into your website.

Parallax Wallpaper Scroll

21st August 2013

How to achieve that groovy vertical parallax scrolling effect with minimum effort.

Minecraft Redstone Lighthouse

20th August 2013

A guide to creating a lighthouse effect in Minecraft using Redstone lamps and repeaters.

LazyTown 'You are a Pirate!' Lyrics

18th August 2013

Lyrics and video from LazyTown's incredibly addictive 'You are a Pirate!' song.

Billy Ze Kick

1st October 2012

Discography of Billy Ze Kick, aka Nathalie Cousin and friends.

Memory Stick Capacity Scam

12th April 2012

Fancy spending some cash on a nice new memory stick? With prices as low as ever you may be tempted, but be sure you know what you're buying.

Triple boot XP, Win7 and Ubuntu

16th January 2011

A guide to configuring your system to allow OS selection on startup - XP, Windows 7 or Ubuntu.

Philips HDT8520 Freeview+ HD PVR

21st December 2010

Philips Twin-HD Freeview+ PVR is a good looking little machine with terrible software, only saved from being dumped into the Reject Bin by a software update. Read on for thoughts, experiences and suggestions.

Shell Script to Update Multiple WordPress Installs

5th December 2010

Updating WordPress can be a pain if you're a host with several installations, all of which require updating to the latest version...

Amazon Kindle 3 Review

7th November 2010

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past year or so you can't fail to have heard of the Amazon Kindle and the impact that the device has had on the eBook and eBook Reader market.

O2 (UK) Ltd Prepay Slough Mobile Phone Scam

1st February 2010

An explanation of why you're seeing items from 'O2(UK)Ltd Prepay Slough' on your credit and debit card statements.

Two Weeks in Tokyo

27th September 2008

Back for more: A second trip to Tokyo for two whole weeks of geekiness including the Tokyo Games Show. This time K as decided to tag along...

Vertical News Ticker

9th January 2007

A simple but effective way to create a vertical-scrolling news ticker or product list.

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